About Us

Vintage and Reworked Clothing

Public Romance is a vintage store that repurposes and reimagines clothing. Discover an eclectic mix of vintage, reworked, and new clothing & accessories across two floors. We have some of your favourite vintage brands from Harley Davidson tees to Levis jeans. Our collection transcends through the decades from the 80s to the late 2000s. Each railing is filled with an array of one-off pieces.

Our reworked items are locally crafted within our Galway community. From cropped knits and polo shirts to denim halters we are passionate about making sure no fabric of clothing goes to waste.


Clothes play a significant role in how we define ourselves. They have the ability to tell stories about who we are. We recognise the importance of dressing with liberty. So our clothing is sourced and curated with this in mind.


How we navigate consumerism matters. We are becoming increasingly aware of the social and environmental implications of the fast-fashion industry. We know that our planet needs more than just conservation; we need to be actively participating in pillars of sustainability. In that respect, we offer a more sustainable alternative by giving clothes a new lease of life. We are collectively offsetting some of our carbon & water emissions and alleviating waste disposal by ensuring they do not end up in landfill.

We want everyone to feel seen or represented by our clothing. That's why we strive to include everyone irrespective of one’s identity, gender, or size. We supply a diverse range of sizes from XXS (UK 4) to XXL (UK 20).